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"what's life without a little risk?"
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fanmix yourself template by: samantha & meghan

01. a song that makes you want to fall in love 02. your favorite pump up song 03. your favorite song to rock out to 04. a song that reminds you of summer 05. your favorite cover of a song 06. a song you sing in the shower 07. a song that reminds you of someone 08. what you want your wedding song to be 09. your favorite 90s/2000s song 10. a song to heal a heartbreak 11. your favorite song from a girl group 12. a song you know all the lyrics to 13. your favorite oldies rock song 14. a song by your favorite artist 15. a song that you like to fall asleep to 16. a song that makes you feel invincible 17. a song that makes you feel better when you’re down 18. your favorite holiday song 19. a song that is from a genre of music you don’t usually listen to 20. a song you associate with your favorite book
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rowling needs to write a book of how the story would have went if harry had shaken malfoy’s hand in the first book

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You can only hold a smile for so long, after that it’s just teeth.
— Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters. (via mavoys) —
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she’s the one  a jily fanmix

green eyes coldplay | i wanna be yours arctic monkeys | flawless the neighbourhood | can’t take my eyes off you (cover) muse | girls like you the naked and famous | baby, i love you ramones | flowers in your hair the lumineers | happily one direction | baby it’s fact hellogoodbye | in my veins andrew belle | hiding tonight alex turner.

listen | art cover by bellemrdch

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